Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Bomaw Volume 13 is DONE...

Okay, this is the scoop. 

  1. Where to buy it? Follow this link... Amber Shop - while there, sign in - (if you've already shopped there) - if you haven't and it's the first time. Go shopping, load your cart. And check out.
  2. First time buyer of Bomaw? Here's a coupon for all 13 volumes! #8UMSJV7W350L - this will save you $12.35! Normal price to buy all 13 @ 5.95 = 77.35! You'll pay instead $65!
  3. Why Amber Shop? You'll get 3 formats with your purchase. .pdf -(desktop or laptop) - .epub (iPad, Nook, Google Play Book) & Kindle! Just come to the shop with your device and download and start reading! 
  4. WHEN? By this weekend or - when I announce it! Might be sooner!
My favorite reader is Google Play Book! I love that app! I have a Nexus 7-2013 release tablet and the reading is GORGEOUS, clean, crisp and clear on it. 

Where else will it be and when?

Amazon - Barnes & Nobles and I'm working on Google Book store, not easy! LOL as for when will it be in those places? First week in April - after our big move.

Paperback? Close to about the same time, give or take a week or so. 

Where to find me...
Amber Shop -(Ebooks & Other goodies)

As I stated, here's hoping that you enjoy the read! 

M. Keyes

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